Referral Assistance Program

IUOE Local 148

The Local 148 RAP has been in existence for over three decades.  Established by our Union to assist members and their families in times of crisis, the RAP program relies upon volunteer members trained as

Referral assistants to direct members to the proper professionals for help.  RAP has assisted members and their families having marital and domestic problems and in finding help for alcohol and drug addiction, mental illness and workplace stress.

     Whether the problems are domestic or work related, these problems affect job performance and security.  Oftentimes we are made aware of potential problems by employers, which are exhibited thru poor work performance or attendance issues.  By that time, discipline is a factor that complicates matters.  With our volunteer RAP members who are job site co-workers, we can sometimes intervene before discipline ensues, thus saving a member from the pain of losing wages due to suspension or worse from the pain of losing their job.

     Our RAP program works in conjunction with an employer sponsored EAP.  Experience has shown us that members tend to avoid using employer programs because of the concern over confidentiality.  RAP members utilize complete confidentiality.  If the EAP cannot address a member’s issue, our RAP representatives will find them the proper professionals who can give them the assistance they need.